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How can you prepare for the proposed non-surgical cosmetics licensing scheme?

In May 2022, a new Health and Care Bill mandating a licensing regime for injectable cosmetic treatments received Royal Assent. Simply put, this means all clinicians must hold a license to carry out non-surgical, injectable cosmetic treatments.

The consultation phase, which will outline details like the procedures covered by the scheme, will begin in 2023 and continue into this year. So, how can you prepare yourself and your practice for what’s to come?

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has updated its framework and guidance in anticipation of the changes, working with key stakeholders to produce three new documents to help guide you through the process.

Firstly, the JCCP Premises Standards have been revised. By visiting their website, you can download a comprehensive Premises Standards Audit Toolkit to help you check and document good practices, and identify areas where further action must be taken. We recommend using this document to conduct a thorough audit of your practice as early as you can in 2023.

In response to discrepancies, inconsistencies, and inadequacies around training in the cosmetic industry, the JCCP has also introduced their Good Practice Guide for Education and Training Courses. This guidance is aimed at training providers in the sector and individuals looking to continue their CPPD and develop their skills.

The new licensing scheme will likely require practitioners administering cosmetic treatments to demonstrate certain qualifications and training, although the specifics around this are pending consultation.

Whether you’re a training provider or a practitioner, following the Good Practice Guide is an excellent way to prepare yourself and ensure you meet the minimum training requirements to administer treatments safely and compliantly.

Lastly, the JCCP have amended their application form to become an approved Education and Training Provider. If you wish to make an application, you can find the updated form here.

No matter what arises from the consultation stage of this Bill, you must protect yourself with comprehensive medical indemnity insurance. Get in touch to learn how our team of experts at MedicaInsure could support you.

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