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More about our cover

At MedicaInsure, we understand that indemnity offerings from many of our competitors are all unique, but we have sought to highlight the keys coverage elements below.

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Contractual medical indemnity

Contractual indemnity is provided by way of a contractual guarantee in the form of an insurance policy. The policy clearly stipulates what is covered and what is excluded and you have the ability to make an informed decision and always be aware of where you stand with regard to coverage. 

Practition Lockton Medical Indemnity

Risk management experts

We have unparalleled depth of knowledge in medical negligence claims. Our claims advocacy approach recognises the personal and emotional aspects around potential negligence claims, and we provide a true ‘hand holding’ service to support clients.

Claims management and advocacy is an integral part of our role and we pride ourselves on the quality of our claims service. Our claims offering is based around the principles of challenging and advocating on our clients’ behalf.

Ensuring all involved in patient care are fully engaged in the entire process, from initial consultation to final discharge, and are focused on prevention of harm, leads to better outcomes and less stress for everybody.

Exceptional customer care

We're obsessed with giving our clients round-the-clock support whilst delivering exceptional client care. Our belief is that good communication and speed are absolutely essential to resolve issues with patients, too. We want you to be able to get on with running your busy working life knowing that any and all issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Practition Lockton Medical Indemnity

We're on your side.

Ready to make the switch?

If you wish to switch from another insurance company, all we need is your acceptance of our terms and we will do all the rest.

Medical Indemnity policies issued by the Insurance Company are underwritten on a claims made basis. They cover you from the period of time you join or for your historic work and include retroactive cover.

Practition Lockton Medical Indemnity
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